Thursday 4 June 2015

Trust nightmares and babies

I read a book a few years back called 'A Question of Trust'
Without going into deep detail the basic premise of the book was that ' trust matters'... a great deal. Possibly more than we even realize at times.

I believe that trust underpins every aspect of our lives
and without it, we are in deep trouble.

We trust freely, until we feel that trust is broken.

If you consider for a moment the Ebola crisis. For many, the 1st reaction was to not believe it was true, or there were those who believed it to be little more than a government/s strategy to extract funds ( aid).. or on a larger scale.. others felt it part of a ( new world order) plot to reduce African populations significantly

We dismiss conspiracy theorists often
But why do we have them in the 1st place?. Because of history. Because of what has gone before us, and/or continues to occur right before our eyes.

If people cannot trust their governments, or leaders, it can be (is) a major problem.
People feel they have to watch thier backs, struggle to trust neighbours and friends, and dog eat dog can soon become the modus operandi.

I have learnt that trust is a precious gift that we give to each other. As precious as love.
We should aim tirelessly to never abuse it.


I had a nightmare.
The second in weeks. WTF is going on?

A week ago I dreamt that my mums neighbours home was set ablaze killing everyone inside.
It was arson.
I'm not going to tell you what my latest dream was about.
I'm unnerved by it.

I'm unnerved perhaps more so because I think dreams have meanings you see. That whole subconscious thing...
Our dreams can speak loudly to us. But sometimes it can be confusing to know which dreams are truly meaningful, and which are just 'house clearance' ( so to speak)


A friend of mine is pregnant... and she's in her 40's. ( just saying doc)
My grandmother had my mum at 47 apparently.
Lots of things can impact on fertility. Age is only one of many
Low sperm or old sperm, alcohol riddled or smoked out sperm doesn't help.
( there you go guys.. that one's for you... love ya :)
Thought I'd take the emphasis of the women for a change

Have a great day.

Maybe I'll try daydreaming. Of sugar and spice and all things nice, Of love and romance, good food, music, sunlit skin and sandy beaches...

I'm tired.

(I dream dictionary-ed it.. Arson represents repressed anger that needs to be released among other things.. Grrr.. yikes. I got issues:)


  1. Release that anger! don't hold it in! Trust is so very important

  2. Anger is a funny thing. Sometimes you don't even know its there until ..blam!.. it hits you like a brick. ( that's me anyway.. I'm usually cool about things like.. forever - unless pushed too far)
    I tend to release mine .. maybe there was a bit left over :)
    If life was a game of chess.. trust is King. To be protected at all costs