Saturday 13 June 2015

Bisa Kdei – Kafra - & a thought about Accra & A Knighthood

I could listen to Bisa's voice all day

Hello there
It's gotta be an early night for me. Chill, read, think , reflect... relax.
My stomach retains stress so if it plays up it means time to unwind.

I'm a bit behind with my Twi. but Kafra apparently means I'm sorry.

Then I thought... one thing I didnt say anything about recently was the accident that occurred in Accra Ghana.
People sheltering from heavy rains and floods were sadly caught unawareness by a massive explosion as a nearby spark ignited leaking gas, which ripped the place apart. [click]

I'm sorry about that [click]



Congratulations to Lenny Henry on his pending Knighthood [click]
Very happy for him, well deserved


When I think about life and death I think of Dr Cornel West and his pragmatic approach to it all
Today I thought.. that's one thing we all have in common.
We are all dying. Life is simply a process of dying.

but love makes it all worthwhile..

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