Friday 25 May 2012


Poor Ian... how awful. actually held my head in my hands.. I got so drawn in.. All he's ever wanted is someone to love him. When are the script writers gonna give him a break?. In the 'real world' a man like Ian would have been snapped up long ago no?.. he runs his own businesses blah blah.. yes he can be a bit annoying... but there's worse I'm sure. Top acting though. I've missed a few episodes, but seems like the pressure of hearing a certain 'confession' is doing his head in.. Simon Ashdown.. best writer by far. anyway.. back to Comedy Central


  1. lol! couch potatoe chick ey? not seen EEs in years. one of those one, u see an episode and u bang up to date, is that predictable

  2. hehe.. I have my moments lol.
    Even after i'm drawn away.. I still return from time to time to go old Eastenders..I used to think that would be my dream job for awhile.. had a top storyline for Dot and everything :)

  3. Havent watch eastie in ages either but am sure an episode will bring me up to date..Ian is a wimp he needs to grow some balls the writers are mean though he always gets the short straw