Saturday 21 March 2015

Women in Politics ( Focus Nigeria) - Dr Sarah Jibrin - Professor Remi Sonaiya

Special advisor to the President on Ethics and values..
That sounds like an amazing job.. certainly not to be sniffed at!

I had never hear of Sarah Jubril before..

How can one measure her effectiveness, or rather, the effectiveness of such a role.. 0 corruption?...etc

and below....the only female candidate currently standing in the Nigerian Elections...

very poor link.. Is she sitting in the dark?.. was there a blackout?...Jeesh..

I'm a little surprised to hear that there is only one woman standing for presidency in Nigeria. Perhaps a woman could really sort Nigeria out.

Maybe .. maybe not

I used to be encouraged and inspired by the thought of women leaders. yet now, I'm not so sure.
We have women leaders.
..and the world's still a mess.
I'm actually convinced that gender makes little difference if women in power simply reinforce the male agenda. Often women ( in power) become just like the men ( at thier worst)

Here in the UK, we offer lip service to equality for women. To be honest, we haven't even worked out what that means. International Women's day is not a Public Holiday here, and passes with little meaning.
In addition, I honestly believe that working women should be granted an addition 5 days leave with full pay. I can't tell you how many times I've had to struggle into work during my time of the month, in pain and in discomfort... spending money hand over fist.

Men don't have to worry about that.
Men do not menstruate
Keep calm feminists but I have to tell you....women and men are very different..
..and as such, we have different needs.

Every working women should be granted an additional weeks leave in recognition of that fact. In addition, ... women later on in life have to deal with hot flushes associated with menopause. I've witnessed a woman go through that at work, and it's not funny.
I walked into an office at a previous work place once, and nearly froze to death. The window was wide open, the fan was blazing and it was winter!
I didn't know what what going on. I just thought she was being an awkward cow because she knew I liked the heat!

If we were really serious about recognizing women's issues,as we claim to be she would have been able to take some time off.
but no.

We battle on .. regardless.
Women working in HR should be championing this. But they're not

My sister's an HR specialist. I'm gonna bend her ear... alot.
Sure women are brilliant. but let's not overlook the little things.

Christine Lagarde, talks about wanting to end poverty in developing countries ( hocked up to the eyeballs in debt they simply cannot afford to turn down) .
then in the same breath will tell you the IMF is a business, a bank.

last time I looked she was a woman.

Ethics and values is a huge deal.
...get that right and we're on our way ...

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