Monday 2 March 2015

The funniest news headline I read today was... 'Mugabe Eats A Zoo!'

So OTT, It made me smile...
Courtesy of the Independent [click]

Zoo aside, the 'party' looks incredibly miserable!

Where are the smiles.. the joy? the laughter?
Does he never smile?
and where on earth did the (reported as costing ) million dollars go?

Cant be on cake.. that cant be more than £100 per cake.. can it?!
Unless they were piped with gold, and studded with diamonds?

Perhaps there was some beautiful splendor somewhere else... off camera.. because I cant see where that money went.
lets see....
91 balloon release ... £30?
Meat - £300?.. in fact no.. the meat was donated

Marquee... £ 500 ?
Masked Dancers.. £150 each? that a million yet.. no ? okay.....

I should really set myself up as a party planner.
I quite enjoy it
I could have put on a nice bash for him.. cut the costs in half, still earn a good wage , supply some great tunes, 'tun up' the vibe a bit, BAN any kinda 'political talk', and everyone's a winner.
Everyone goes home happy.

Mugabe's 'party' looked like a political rally, with some very glum looking faces

I'm VERY disappointed with that balloon release - abysmal! ( btw.. you're meant to set each one free so they 'fill the sky.....)
The entire staging of the event looks unprofessional and cheap
If that 'party' cost any more than £5000, I'd ask for my money back
Brass band? (ahem..very African) costs? for the entire band?... £1000 - let them split it as they will
Dance troop? ( a little messy but enthusiastic ) £1000 - split it as they see fit

Is that a million yet?..
No.. oh well ... perhaps the costs were over inflated

I sure hope so.. otherwise they were robbed

To reach the age of 91 is a great achievement and a blessing for anyone..
that bash looked so lackluster.. even I'm upset about that
I hope he enjoyed it.. but I'll be honest.. he did look seriously grumpy :)

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