Wednesday 18 March 2015

For the love of God...

Sometimes I wonder how many people would still love God, if there were not a perceived reward for doing so
No promise of wealth, no promise of anything, no glory, no praise, no heaven, no well done or good job.... nothin'

How many of us would still love god then....

Perhaps we need an incentive .. for everything

Perhaps we need an incentive to love.. so we have hate
An incentive for peace, so we have.... war

Perhaps we are simply hard wired to only recognise pleasure.. through a shadow or threat of.....pain

A friend of mine used to really like Creflo Dollar.
I'll be honest.. his name concerned me.

Anyway, the news that the multi millionaire preacher Creflo Dollar had reportedly asked his congregation to buy him a $65m private jet disgusted me. [click]
Apparently, the old private Jet was no longer fit for purpose

Church members were asked to donate around $300 each to make it happen.
Apparently the accompanying video asking for the money was removed from his website amidst outrage.

Creflo's World Changers Church International is what we here may refer to as a 'Superchurch'
It's no secret that these churches have grown significantly and have amassed great wealth.
The loyal followers Christians who attend these churches seem to be under the impression that the wealth will trickle down to them. This laissez-faire approach to worship appears to render the faithful seemingly unaware that it is they who collectively have amassed the wealth in the 1st place, often by pledging 10% of their earnings, donations and more.

I'm all for giving, I think it's a good thing.
I'm not all for manipulators.
I feel uneasy about the exploitation of those who give ( when they can barely afford to) purely in the hope that thier prayers will be answered.
I'm no longer as naive as to believe that there is such a thing as a totally altruistic act.
But it's a nice goal and a great intention

So after much deliberation I thought.. well... 'they' ...are adults. if they believe in him.. then leave them be

After all, one man's meat, is another man's poison I guess.
But still , this is me you're talking to
So I'm sorry but, he's still going on my 'Wall of Shame'.

Buy your own Jet.. for the love of god. Don't be a blood sucking bastard, You have enough money.

'Christians' sure are different these days... or are they?


  1. I'm not into the superchurch thing. I also don't like it when I receive an email that says if I don't pass it on to seven people right away that something terrible will happen to me. What's going to happen that wouldn't happen anyway? I like to give to certain charities that I've researched so I know the money goes to help people and animals. I am a Christian. I think my earthly reward is the comfort and joy I find in Christianity, and persisting with prayers for others. I believe I am going to Heaven. I don't know what I'd think if I didn't have Heaven in my future. I hope I would still try to follow in the footsteps of Christ.


  2. I dont like those emails either... and like you.. not into the superchurch thing.
    From time to time I listen to TD Jakes..but I havent done for some time though..
    My old friend who was into Creflo bought into the idea that if she was not rich, it was because she wasn't good enough as a christian. That she was a flawed and ungodly human being. Sometimes I think about her - hope she's happy and doing good anyway.

  3. Good post, thought provoking indeed.

    1. Thanks Rajiv.. I appreciate your comment