Thursday 5 March 2015

Brinsley Forde - Shewodum

Brinsley Forde. Aswad's original frontman - singer guitarist and main songwriter
Brinsley has a talent for writing songs like this. For me, Aswad without Brinsley just wasn't ( isn't) the same
Still.. people move on, and it's great that the band has continued without him.. and also that Brinsley has found the studio again.

Today has been a busy and productive day.
But I am overly emotional ( well, a bit anyway)
I'm restless, and keen to have some 'me' time
In addition, I have a few writing projects I really need to work on, but I keep procrastinating for some reason
I simply need to focus and commit.
I just need the time to think
I'm upset with myself
What's stopping me?
Especially as writing has become second nature.. a little like breathing (but not)
Yes, I need time to drink,errrm I mean think...
That.... plus a push.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good day.

Liberia is on a 42 day countdown after the last remaining Ebola in-patient was released today.
That's pretty amazing
Here's hoping for them.

I want to say something about Penis size.
There's so much more to making love than the length of a man's Penis.
Men shouldn't get too 'hung (no pun intended ) up' about it
Work on that which you can change.
Focus on being loving, and the love making will be beautiful....

I'm sorry, I have nothing for the too big group. I'm no expert.
I have a feeling both extremes may face anguish from time to time
Do your best. Fret not.


  1. I hope your mood changes! I'm feeling some kind of way myself. I overlooked news reports regarding average penis size. I'm pretty content with my size. I decided that I didn't know how I compared to the average. great post.

  2. Often i feel its when we start to compare that problems arise. It doesn't matter, best to be happy with what you have.
    yeah moods are funny sometimes aren't they, they come and go, ups and downs, rough and smooth, hot and cold.
    Hope you feeling a 'better kinda way' today