Monday 2 March 2015

Girl talk

I miss-understood my friend today when she said men always say she's fat
I tried to console her by saying .. 'noone says your fat!'re not fat..'
She said ,.. 'not Fat.. PHAT.....
Yep...... PHAT
oh okay .. I said..' nothing wrong with your ego today:)

We were talking about men.
We love to.
It's fun
We talk about everything, but mainly men, politics, spirituality/religion, raising children, money, work/career, music
the focus is now on her love life.. and finding her 'Mr right'.

Personally, I have no major specific physical requirement ( other than a present penis) for a man
I'm very happy with my love anyway , but for the sake of conversation here...what I mean is...I don't dislike fat, tall, short, slim.. I tend to focus more on the character and personality..
I need someone I can respect.
Physically... hmmm sure, yes 'EYES' draw me in.. ( the eyes after all.. are the windows to the soul)
Something kinda sexy.. like a boyish charm

My friend is not so flexible.
...for her...He has to be buff. Firm, Well toned, Muscular, Fit.
When we explored this requirement further it turns out that the reason she has become this way, is due to years of being objectified by men with regards to her own ( very sexy) physique. At some point she simply decided, to turn the tables and say ... 'well... let's see what you got then.. lets see how fit you are!'

She has zero interest in any man who does not take care of his body. ( or so she currently believes...)

This made me wonder...
Do we really treat people the way we are predominantly treated.. whether we realize it or not

I'm hormonal. It is possible.
I am a little moody this evening. ( inwardly)
In fact...I'm so freaking moody I'm going to bed early.
I do not trust myself not to allow my moodyness to impair my judgement
.. thereby being snappy at someone else
As usual I have things on my mind anyway, but add hormones to the mix and it can be a lethal cocktail
.. that and wine.
Have a good night x
I'm off to Bedfordshire... soon enough