Monday 2 March 2015

Thank god for remittances!.. plus more from - What's Up Africa

I used to think of accountancy as a boring profession
Nope, 'accountants' run the world
They may be boring yes, but they sure be useful
I need an accountant :)

If the African diaspora ever tire of 'filling the gap' left by governments inaction to ensure its citizens are fully supported. It could be absolutely devastating. Fortunately, the ties that bind are strong.. and people still care enough about each other to send that vital money home [click]
Remittances are the only thing keeping many afloat...yet, many governments seem somewhat tunnel visioned with regards to the diaspora, not fully tapping into what could possibly be one of its greatest resources.
For some, perhaps, remittances relieve them of the responsibility to do better.
Who knows.

What people don't want to see is the flaunting of excessive wealth of NGOs or Politicians among the poorest communities. It confuses people as to how it can be possible. Huge and deliberate wealth inequality will destroy us all if we're not careful:)
The abuse of power, and exploitation of citizens leads to a very unhealthy culture of mistrust, insincerity and manipulative behaviours.. across the board
Yes... i'm cheerful today :)
I am actually lol!.

Lol!! ' Yes so ah, I can tell you who's 'aving affair wid who...'
All the crucial stuff

Have a nice day x

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