Tuesday 3 March 2015

Can you believe it

I saw this on my phone last night

WTF is going on in America
Why would the Police shoot a homeless man 5 times!?.
how many police to 1 man
They tasered him
then shot him
the police are OUT OF CONTROL in America
They need to get those guns out of thier hands.


  1. The police are out of control in many parts of the U.S. So are the criminals, but shooting people doesn't solve the problem. I understand why so many Americans are angry. I am angry, too.


  2. I heard about this last night after my orchestra rehearsal. I don't understand why such force was used. I'd like to hear the police side of the story. It doesn't look good, but it's not clear in the video if the homeless man was armed and posing a threat.

  3. I would have thought they they would be trained to disarm, especially if a tazer is used. Plus, there are so many of them!. if 6 police cannot contain 1 man, what kind of training are they receiving!?. I hear you Sherry, its good to hear both sides, but unfortunately the police do seem to have a tendency to get 'very creative' when reporting on what actually happened. The excessive use of force in policing in America is outrageous. They seem a law unto themselves. Trigger happy, and heartless.
    You could almost smell the testosterone pumping. I don't think the Police should be armed. have an armed response unit but that's it. They cant be trusted. It's too often. The other thing is.. why shoot to kill?.. are they only trained to do that.. ?. Are they at war or something?
    I cant tell you how much that kind of thing upsets me.

  4. Americas image in the world is taking a beating , Disneyland and Pixar trying their best.. but please..
    heavily indebted
    .. police brutality
    ruthless foreign interventions at times..
    war and imperialism cloaked as building or spreading democracy
    what else?
    I'm not anti America, but sometimes.. you gotta clean up your own backyard.....