Wednesday 4 March 2015

Ebola; from emergency to recovery

For my post this evening I'm not going to say much.

I'll begin my post by saying how encouraging it is that cases of Ebola have reduced significantly across all affected countries, although there has been a recent surge of new cases in Sierra Leone. Hopefully, zero cases will be realized soon.
It couldn't happen soon enough.

At a recent conference in Brussels to discuss Ebola and the economic recovery of the affected countries , apparently the Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, stated that;
'the recovery from the epidemic would require “significant resources, perhaps even a Marshall plan”, adding that “additional resources” would be needed from the European commission, the IMF, World Bank and African Development Bank.

If these 'additional resources' is code for more money I'm just flummoxed.
I'm flummoxed because more Aid has already been pledged to these countries quite significantly.
I'm flummoxed because even though schools have begun to reopen in Liberia, 'more than half of those schools have no water supply, and while 57% have a toilet, it is shared by an average of 100 children'.

I'm sorry but that is appalling.
Would President Sirleaf have been content with her child/ children being educated in such an environment?
What has previous aid money been spent on?.
What have they been doing?
I have many questions but the most basic ( which many people would also query is ) . How long have these schools had no water supply, and inadequate toilet facilities. Seriously, how long...and why?

Will the 'significant increase in resources' be used to carry out work which should have been carried out years ago?.. or be used to tackle Ebola?

The children sadly orphaned by Ebola face an even bleaker future than most, if these people don't get thier 'stuff' together.

Despite what was reported, I don't think these countries necessarily have a funding shortfall.

I think there may be an issue in counting, managing , and monitoring, the funds that are already coming in.
.. and perhaps an even greater problem in terms of remembering who and what the money pledged is intended for. For whatever reason that may be
I'm being cynical perhaps... but in truth, unless the additional aid money coming in gets to the people it's pointless.

On a positive note, I think it's fantastic that the conference has taken place, It's a good thing. It really is.
I think a local spokesperson/s should have been invited, because conferences such as those can turn into a 'talking shop', filled with the exuberant misuse and abuse of language and rhetoric.
The people in the affected countries don't need another report

The people need the money that comes into their country to be spent on rebuilding infrastructure etc, and creating real opportunities for sustainable employment .
I really hope that the actions and possible solutions ( if any) discussed will be taken forward [click]

I'm quite disappointed with these leaders.. but I suspect you already knew that :)

On another note.. I wondered where David Miliband had got to...
good to hear from him
he may need to get back here and support his brother...

I had more on my mind than I realized


The only other story that caught my eye in the news was the story of the woman who divorced her husband after a week because his penis is too big.
That's a shame. Must be really big.

have a great evening x

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