Tuesday 24 November 2015

Is europe... a sinking ship

With so much talk about about boats filled with 'immigrants'. I do sometimes wonder... If the holy grail of Europe..isn't a bit of an illusion.

Still. I understand.
If you feel pursecuted in your home land..cant find work, your freedoms are suppressed..or your country is at visible war...then who wouldn't want to leave?.
And those who want to, 'should' (in a perfect world perhaps) have every right.

The world is a much 'smaller' place. We have the ability to connect with people miles away, over lands and seas... And that's a good thing. Globalization shouldn't just be a perk of the wealthy.

But...we have issue's.

We seem to struggle to get along.
Europe, has its own problems.
We are fortunate indeed in the main, but for many...it's no picnic.
And to be fair...not 'everyone'...wants to come here.

It seems to me that what the world needs, are good 'world leaders'. Good governance..Job's..security..development. healthcare..education.food....fairer policies and opportunities...
And...an absence of war.
Then home... Can feel like a safe haven.. and you can be proud to fly your flag ( not just during the Olympics!)...and be at peace...wherever in the world you live...

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