Sunday 1 November 2015

Does culture impact on business?

Can do.
Still in bed btw..

There's a 'Nigerian' shop up the road from me. least I think it's a shop. It's looks more like a front room at times, with homework being done, tv being watched, hair being cut, and food being cooked. Men's also a cab service btw Lol.
Anyway. The only people I ever see in this shop are Nigerian. (Mainly men.. and few in's a small space to be fair). Every time I pass it I wonder how a shop can sustain itself if it only caters for mates and family. (I assume artistic license).To be fair.. on Chatsworth rd there are a few shops like that. Shops (cafe style) that seem to cater for and to thier own 'tribes'.
Culture my opinion impact on all that we do.

I kinda like that little shop though... Making use of every square inch.

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