Saturday 7 November 2015


What is it exactly?...
I was pondering on this just this morning.

Is it being able to respond appropriately to life challenges. Is is selflessness or knowing that things aren't all about you?. Is it how we communicate?. It's true that the things I liked at the main, I still like. My passions and interests haven't changed, yet in many ways. . I have. Perhaps maturity is experience, and having the confidence to think for yourself..and be yourself. That said, perhaps maturity is about knowing yourself, and being true to that. Maturity in that sense equals authenticity. Or...truth.

I've had some interesting dating experiences that I care not to repeat and could put possibly put down to immaturity and inexperience, having said that...some fun was had.

Maybe then, like love, maturity is never needing to ask what it is. It needs not defining, yet unlike love.. no declaration.
E.g we tend not to shout..."I'm mature!"... But you may state..."I'm in love!"
True or false.. it is what it is.

Perhaps, like the tide, it comes and goes, and is situational.

It can be age rated..but not always
It's a fickle beast
Perhaps that's why I prefer the word
To thine own self be true... Is a karmic experience.
I hope
Yes , hope springs eternal.

Have a great day!
It's raining here in London.. but very warm...sweet

Ps..HTC posts getting easier...


  1. Bloody rain. :D

    To change the subject did you see this interview? I'd love to know what you think about her.

    1. I'll check it out and let you know ..

    2. Okay cool, I wasn't sure how I felt after seeing it.

  2. I think all of these factors are right, Dawna! It's a slippery concept but we know it when we see it, eh?

  3. Maturity is a lot of things. I think you did a good job naming some of them here.

    1. Yes Sherry, your right it is lots of things.. not until I starting writing did I realize...

  4. Hi Dawna. The thing that you said that struck me the most about maturity is this: "Perhaps, like the tide, it comes and goes, and is situational." I think we always have lessons to learn! Interesting topic.