Tuesday 31 July 2018

Recognising August 1st

The 1st August should be a recognised national holiday to enable Africans in the diaspora to reflect on their position in society, the work of past leaders, and the very many emancipation struggles, and... well.. who wouldn't like a day off huh?

Anyway, Ive never marched.
but I respect those who do.
I've simply not resolved within myself whether it's effective in bringing about change. I guess it can be, but the reparations march ( in my ignorance. I confess) I don't quite get.

I understand the concept of reparations but it's not clear to me how these reparations can be made possible, or clear about what form it could take
I also believe it's a conversation that should not be had in isolation of the very many African countries of which we hail from.

Let's say for example, that my fore-parents were leaders in their own right, captured sold, names and titles removed from them.
perhaps we should be saying , we want our land and our titles back!.

Why is no-one saying that?
Perhaps because we simply cannot prove it?

Maybe, but the trade was a trade in which the content did not benefit from, but were also party to, even if to a lesser extent.

So.. instead of marching to Downing Street , why not take the case to the African Union?

Just a thought

What exactly, do we want?!.

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