Tuesday 10 July 2018

Brexit meltdown

The government in is meltdown, is probably the sentiment those who have recently resigned from this repost want su to think.
Personally speaking, who cares, we still have a conservative government and with no election pending little will change.
The government is not In meltdown, these guys are just showcasing and exercising their privilege, at worst... at best integrity.

Who cares?

If PM Teressa May thought that Jeremy Hunt would make a great Foreign Secretary, why did she give to Boris Johnson in the 1st place?
There's a saying that you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, yet Boris was neither friend or foe to May, he is simply a man on a mission.
A well connected, privilege white English male. If you don't know the rules you cant play the game and win.
He quit.... his post... as Foreign secretary, and why wouldn't he, if it's not the job that he wants.
I doubt he will need to claim JSA :)

Many eyebrows are raised at Boris's initial appointment to the post, and this is why we simply can't talk our politics too seriously


England play Croatia tomorrow and hopes are high.
England especially has had an identity crisis for some time, and it's hoped that a win will bring about a sense of renewed pride in Britishness ( that nobody seems to be able to agree on)
The leave campaign played on that identity crisis, and highlighted immigration and the need to be free to govern our own lands reasons to exit the EU.
It worked, yet hasn't ( yet) produced the results people were hoping for. In fact, most have no idea of the intricacy resulting in such a move.
If those who voted leave thought their sense of identity would be restored immediately were wrong. In reality, the frustration has seen a rise is hate crimes overt racism and brutishness.
The upper lip has loosened.

So an England win may restore a sense of English pride
How ironic that the sense of pride is being made possible by the immigrant, or 'foreign' players. Would it even be possible without them?
I listened to an interview on LBC and a caller said he hopes England lose simply because he has a problem with the black players.
He was scoffed at of course, but truth is, whether England win or not, you can rest assured that it will be players like Kane who are truly celebrated, and the narrative on immigration and migration will not change

Too bad, as homes across the country regardless of ethnicity will be rooting for these guys.

Lets enjoy the game for what it is... hope for the best, and see what happens

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  1. I have no interest in football or politics. "British Pride" scares me. Pride in ones country seems to be where we all go wrong.