Sunday 15 July 2018

Adekunle Gold - Pablo Alakori

Sporting final day. Wimbledon and the World Cup

Produced by the wonderful artist Simi, who also provides some backing vocals. her voice is quite distinctive.
catchy guitar riff and it doesn't get much sweeter
The song itself is about a young man (Pablo Alakori) who tried to con others out of money via Twitter, but was not successful

Some feel the song is slightly unfair. They say that the only time we chastise, is when a thief fails, it is then that we know their name.
If, or when he succeeds we celebrate him ( and his spoils) in one way or another.

The moral of modern day corruption for some is... don't get caught.
Adekunle says build, work your way up. coming from nothing will not stop you, do the best that you can, don't con others, contribute, be of service, make your way.. Abeg

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