Saturday 2 February 2019

Weekend WOW Factor - Life Love n Politics

I just love these sweet smelling bath bombs! weekend shopping treat :)

We've been lucky in that no gridlocked roads. Lots of road works here and there, but patience is key
...made easier listening to this track

Burna Boy!

I really enjoyed this Presidential debate... I think the moderator was excellent... go girl!

I remember after the VP debate.. an observer said that Peter Obi's voice was unfortunate.. said that you should know if a man was talking..

...funny stuff, but here is VP hopeful Peter Obi, alongside somewhat notorious Presidential Candidate, Atiku

Unlike those laughing and gushing guys that interviewed Buhari.. this lady really did hold their feet to the fire
these two are pros though.. they remained calm throughout...
I quite like Peter Obi.. so hey.. leave his voice alone...

Prof Wole Soyinka looks set to announce his backing of Kingsley Moghalu, and Kingsley and Fela are now working together ( really?) Presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore ran the Lagos marathon today.. I think it's his 7th or even 8th marathon now. Well he did 10k today but that's a achievement especially as he's been so busy campaigning
well done to him!

It's all going on ..

PDP...can you believe the bench gave way on them....?
Shaky ground ... or poor infrastructure...:)
What a thing..

Love these two...awwww... Simi & Adekunle Gold
...Currently enjoying their honeymoon

Enjoy x

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  1. I still democracy is bunk as a leadership selection process, at least not in Nigeria (another story). Peter Obi is good, very smart individual. In a meritocracy he'll be the presidential candidate and atiku wouldn't even make local borough councillor