Wednesday 6 February 2019

Midweek Workouts?

This is my Kettlebell

help.. it's so heavy!!
For some reason I thought as it was so red and pretty it would be easy

I'm not impressed with my one effort so far. I only managed about 3!

Apparently the recommended weight for a woman beginner is 8kg, or between 8kg - 12kg.

I'll try again, but have to really be bit more focussed and committed, give myself time instead of thinking I'll be a pro after just one try

Maybe I was being lazy, but I'm determined to get to grips with this pretty bell!

I'll try it to music :)

This isn't bad at all... Mavins have made a pretty nice reggae track...
Nice one!

Over to Ghana... and who else loves Bisa's voice..?
Sefa too :)


Two of my favourites here.. Bisa & M.anifest....sweet:)

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