Tuesday 12 February 2019

What is ADOS?

ADOS ( American Descendants of Slavery) is a movement in the U.S which has been gaining traction - that seeks to protect and pursue the rights of African Americans. They seek to differentiate from African immigrants Caribbean Immigrants, and pretty much all other minority immigrants, partly because many A.A's feel they have not been fully accepted into American Society and never will be, and also feel they are not fully accepted into African societies either.
Basically, a people taken from a land, used, and left adrift, without land.

The divisions that exist between indigenous Africans and African American Africans, Africans in the Caribbean and even UK, exists as a result of slavery and colonialism, and an on-going colonial mentality.

Despite the fact that most people know the history, little has been don't to transcend the ignorance that exists between people with this shared history and biological lineage.

What many African American supporters of ADOS feel is that other minority group travel to the US , enjoy the privileges that they have fought for; the right to be considered human, to be educated, to not be lynched, to date who they want... the right to vote, yet despite this, African immigrants travel to the U.S, enjoy the privileges that they made possible, and treat them with distain, and ironically, do not accept them if they in turn decide to return to Africa.

There is a communication problem
Possibly because history is written by the victors. Who knows...

I think it would be fair for descendants of the slave trade to be exempt from having to pay for visas to travel an African country, and should also be afforded citizenship and additional rights should they desire it. Why?

Because it remains the home of their fore-parents, their birthright and their heritage.

It's ok to cry at the steps of the door of no return, whether at Gore Island in Senegal or Elmina's Castle in Ghana, or any other human cargo departure point, across the continent, but tears mean nothing if it is not accompanied by demonstrable acts of love and understanding.

Another discussion for the AU, who already struggle to manage conflict, refugees, and internally displaced people
Pam africanism is not dead, but there's little understanding of what it means.

ADOS is a conversation to be had, but could end up being a continuation of the type divide and rule used by colonisers in the past. It seems to be coming from a place of pain, whereas we should now be coming from a place of love.
African Americans haven't had it easy. They want to be treated fairly. It's a conversation of Identity.
It always surprises me that so many Africans head to America.. I'm biased perhaps, but I prefer the UK.. even with it's issues.


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  1. "Possibly because history is written by the victors. Who knows..." hit it on the head right there.

    I get Antonio's position and fully support his sentiments but find some of it a bit .. erm .. ok. Nigerians and other Black groups can access programs created for ADOS - not their fault. The boundaries around these reparation instruments from 60s and 70s were muddied from jump, I would say intentionally so. If I successfully force through change to create an educational scholarship, say for deprived Catford kids, I'm sure as hell not allowing anyone from Lewisham getting access to it. water tight and binding. Other groups can get access to whatever's left un-allocated funds on whatever basis. So I would be questioning the elders who negotiated (continue to) for my man, he should be taking his grievances to them. Or bang on and re-negotiate on favourable terms (I trust he is). I do agree with him on Obama, did cast an eye when he got elected, not ADOS enough to do anything for them. You should check out Tariq Nasheed (very funny guy too), ProfBlack HQ and The Black Authority for even more combative uncompromising takes on the topic. Identity politics

    As for the African countries still dilly-dallying on visa free travel and what not, the less said the better

    Is Dynast as solid as Ghana gold or what?! his travelogue of his many trips across West Africa is heavy!