Saturday 23 February 2019

Weekend WOW Factor: Labour Don Finish

Where do I start.
Thank god for the likes of Chuka Umunna and Co for brining a little light relief to the hamster wheel of Brexit negotiations.

I won't bore you with that... other than to say that the joy of disagreement is clearly proving more tantalising to some minsters, than reaching an actual agreement.
We ladies love foreplay... but come on now
Enough already!

Anyway, here's the thing.
Labour don finish.
Has the Labour Party ever had a more disappointing leader than the current leader?
Neil Kinnock was often ridiculed, but despite most of us coming to the realisation that he wouldn't be winning a general election, he was a likeable man.
Even I can usually find something beautiful in a person, but there is just something about Jeremy Corbyn that just doesn't - feel- right.

Firstly socilaism in its pure form is an out of date concept that simply will not appeal to the voting masses.
It won't work.
Regardless.... that's not my gripe.
The question to ask is does Labour have a strong and authentic leader?.
Consider this...
How can you have a dominant, relevant, and credible opposition party , that fails to gain the upper hand when the government in power is on its knees?
The Labour Party where really handed a gift, have had a chance to appeal to the public as a viable alternative, but have not.
The leadership.

Now I've got that off my chest, the funniest thing was Chuka and co 'breaking free' from the Labour Party, to form an 'independent party'...
Has he been following politics in Nigeria or something.... perhaps chatting to a family member or two via Glow..? thinking he too can 'take it back'

Well... erm,... no actually
Chuka cites one reason for his dissatisfaction with the Labour Party and labour leader in particular is the failure of the party to deal with alledged anti semitism....
so..... years of racist abuse slung at his colleagues such as Diane Abbot could pass him by huh...
Chuka put himself up to lead the party not so long ago
At that time, he was popular across the party.... what did he do when put under a little journalistic heat?..
he stepped down...

Chuka and Co can go....start whatever party they want... they are free now to do so
Jeremy Corbyn feels the defectors should resign from their positions, forcing a bi election in their respective areas.. and he has a point.. even if just the one

...will they?
I doubt it

*What the hell is a centre left social democrat*

The man just ruining good

Labour does have very credible MP's...
I respect the likes of David Lammy, Dawn Butler... and others, even my own MP is a really lovely lady

But without a new party don't think Labour don?
Interestingly, David now speaks with the arrogant confidence usually referred to as little more than white privilege
This is a man who has simply decided to be and speak his truth..
Perhaps only now, does he feel he is secure enough to do so...

Guardian Podcast ft David Lammy in Interview

I respect people who have the confidence to speak truth even without the cushion of an abundance of money in the bank Oxbridge degree and certain social circles... but I understand better, those who don't
Sometimes it's wise to wait.. sometimes it's essential for survival


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  1. PLP are still seething at the L they took from Corbyn, making up any and everything (anti-Semitism? huh? Israeli interference?) to rock the boat. Corbyn is for the people. Chuka is the biggest disappointment of the lot, but I know better than to expect integrity from political puppets

  2. Chrome, Labour... smh - I don tire. What's Vince Cable up to these days.. he seems ok,. Mr nice guy