Sunday 10 February 2019

Weekend WOW Factor - Closing Debates

Mallam Adamu Adamu. Education Minister...

...graduated from University with a bachelor's degree in Accounting,and has a master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University's School of Journalism, and presides over a population where 60 million Nigerians are unable to read or write, and over 11 million children are out of school
In a population of just under 200million, one would think it would be considered a national crisis in the making...


Consider this...

Approximately 4% of Nigeria's population is between 55 - 64yrs, and just 4% are over 65

The largest demographic of Nigeria's population is under 30years old.

Yet this is not reflected in the leadership, and also raises questions of the quality of life beyond 30.

So, considering these factors, in the run up to the election, we have heard from individuals who have presented very plausible intelligent , and credible cases as to why they should be given the chance to lead the country towards a better future.
Without using stomach infrastructure (bribes), many have taken to the streets to engage the population across the states in a bid to educate individuals politically, and reassure them , that they could aspire, to a better future

Despite this, thousands continue to turn out to celebrate the two main parties.

Many students who have been interviewed on a number of platforms seem clueless about the rising smaller parties, which is a poor reflection on the university lecturers at this time.

To be fair, not everyone is interested in politics, but I would have thought that social and political ideologies and values would have become a part of a persons personal development as an adult.
At he very least , most if not all Nigerians should be against corruption, and nepotism especially if they are the ones most impacted, with limited access to job opportunities, poor infrastructure, and social services..

It's alleged that those who attend the larger rallies are paid. It's hard to imagine that they are paid, more that they are simply unwilling or unable to understand they they have any power at all to affect change. Also, many will follow the crowd
Yes, Groupthink

Change is never easy.
Come Feb 16th, the country will elect the leadership they want.. and will get as a result.. the leader they deserve.

Anyway, I'm just enjoying , and observing...

Sowore has the political passion and spirit of Fela. He has utilised some old school community development community organising principles, and with his grassroots campaigning has impressed with his fundraising ability also.
Spending years in the diaspora ( America in his case) like so many visionary African leaders before him, has benefitted him.
He has the ability to think putting aside ethnic affiliations, gender and age.
He is bold in his thinking, yet some in the media say he's too blunt to be a leader.
Surely, speaking frankly and honestly to people, many of whom are illiterate, is better that writing lengthy manifestos they will never, or can never, read.
Yes his party has a manifesto, but It's the ability to bring the words from the page and into a tangible place that matters most.

Promises that the larger parties make now, should be questioned by the people.. why? because they have been given a chance and failed to deliver.
At least if you vote for them, hold them accountable.

Marcus Garvey said that 'without vision... the people perish...'

Even if the smaller parties are not successful, if they are genuine, they should not give up
Marcus has a message, Lumumba had a message, Marley had a message.. and the message will remain

The best leaders create leaders.. and if the lesser known parties continue to build the minds of the people, the message will get through.. one day.
,, and lets hope if they are successful, they don't become the very thing they oppose now.

Let's see how this pans out

( as you can see, I've been enjoying this election:)

Don't worry... less than a week remaining x

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