Thursday 9 June 2016

The EU blackout

So...I'm tuning in to the EU debate... 10mins in and all the lights go out
I step outside, neighbours out there asking if I have electric

We breath a sigh of relief and stop checking our keys for missing credit
The whole street is out
Total blackout

Hmmmm... what was said that we were not meant to hear?
Put it this way... we've not had a blackout for years

Biggest debate in the country and the lights go out.
tbh me nuh too trust certain ting again

Cha, debate's boring me anyway...
I'm off to bed


  1. My older daughter was baby sitting last week and they had a power cut. It only lasted a couple of hours but being alone with a baby in someone else's home isn't very nice! We have power cuts every so often. It's like the world has ended. :D

    1. Big time :).. it's like huh?! what do we do now! :)
      Ii remember when power cuts were more frequent but it may have been coz they were laying new cables. Candlelight nights. cool.
      Have a great weekend Joe