Sunday 5 June 2016

Knighthood. - Two Hours An A 1/2 Past 10 : A Review

The new video from alternative rap artists may raise an eyebrow or two.
Known for their quirky style, and equally quirky sense of humour, this is definitely a departure from that, in this somewhat more risque video.
12:30am ( as it's more commonly known) is still a pretty early night for many, but these two seem to have packed a lot in!.
Whilst this is certainly not my favourite offering from them, I'm in no doubt that their creatively will rise to the challenge time and time again, as they continue to establish their flow further.

Having the opportunity to speak to the band, I asked them if they felt that 'smoking' a rather dodgy looking pipe would alienate their fan base, or send out the wrong 'message'. In fact I was in full opinionated' flow, urging them to leave that kinda thing out, as they are 'clean' artists and that's what appeals to many.
Whilst they laughed at my reference to 'clean artists' they understood.
Thumbs up for creativity lyrical flow and videography, thumbs down for the dodgy looking binge drink fest.

I eagerly await the next offering from this Hackney based duo. Rising fast.
Check it out

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