Monday 13 June 2016

Love is Everything

Hmmm, what to ponder today?.

Fine as an acronym was broken down to me this afternoon as;

A lovely customer decided to break it down for me.
He then went on to explain that whenever anyone just says 'fine' .. they usually..are not

Hmmmm... let me think on that a moment

He's right in the sense that we often use words with little thought. We take them for granted, although unknowing they can also reveal a great deal.

'Fine' is a throwaway word so to speak; a much better response could be blessed, thankful, happy or content. They are of course ideal states. For those keeping it real.. moody... is an option, along with anything else that may not sound so great but may be a true reflection of your feeling at the time
In truth, who really wants to hear the real deal.. apart from your nearest and dearest anyway?
'How are you?' is a courtesy card you deal. The response varies depending on the dealer.

Source D.Agard

Had a lovely day with my daughter and her beau today who really are great in so many ways

A nice chat, intelligent conversation, good food..
A joy to be with
Love is an amazing thing.. it really is everything. Great things come from love.

Music today is from Davido
I heard it on a video clip of a Nigerian kings arrival to the US, and it reminded me of summer last year
I loved it then.. and love it now

Source: D.Agard

Have a lovely evening


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