Saturday 20 December 2014

2014 BIM People of the Year - Ebola Health Care Workers

The Struggle continues.
It has been a tough year for Ebola Health Care Workers. Each day they risk thier health and lives to assist others. Some volunteer... so do it for no money at all. Just for the love of thier people and country.
They are my people of the year. I'm humbled by them

Sierra Leone will experience about a week of total lockdown as of next week. No one will be allowed out of thier home. Christmas family get- together's have been banned in the fear of the virus spreading.
The president said they are a country at war. (with the disease)
Although it's a predominantly Muslim country about 10% of the people are Christian.
Nevertheless.. it's the holidays.. and regardless of religious belief the people get along well.
The people are suffering, schools have been closed for months and the economy is being seriously impacted

I pray 2015 will be a much better year for Sierra Leone. .. and importantly...Ebola free