Monday 8 December 2014

Monday music feast - Bugle - No Obligation - .Annointed.

I'm easing into the week with a smile, joy in my heart, the aim of completing what needs to be done,. and keeping WARM.. ( brggh.. thermals pls.. I hear they sell some cute ones these days.. gonna have to hook me up!)

I didn't plan to, but I''m actually watching a program on domestic violence. A 76 yr old man beat his wife up - badly. ( on his birthday ) Her face is very very badly bruised .
The man said to his wife (when the police came to take him away) can you pack my overnight bag for me.. you got me arrested again
God Forbid
He then cried.. and said he loves her like hell. Surely he can't be well?!
It has been termed in the program .. Intimate terrorism
They touch on the reverse, and same sex relationship violence..
On coercive control

It was just revealed that the 76 yr old was jailed for 10yrs.
Imagine.. we all live under the same sun.. see the same moon at night
Yet our lives... our lives.. can differ greatly....

Anyway... I hope you've had a great day
Enjoy your evening x
and take care of each other
That's all... that'll do

Shower some blessings Bugle...


  1. Violence is horrible. Is it even worse when the people are supposed to be "in love"? I think so. That man doesn't love his wife. He wants to control her.


    1. The man is 76. I don't like violence either.. but in the main I would be afraid to smack that man back in his blowhole in case I break something on him Jeesh.
      He's rude
      Seriously.. I agree with you. I personally don't see how that can be love. Picture after picture they showed of a 60 something yr old women whose face in many was black ( swollen) and purple.
      He must have been be getting turned on by it or something.. If it didn't feel good to him he wouldn't do it (I think)
      Domestic violence is the deepest kinda wrong