Sunday 21 December 2014

Weekend WOW Factor (Part 2) My musical highlights of 2014..

Trick question of the day...
Ti asked me... "mum.. would you pick cotton for £250 an hour..?"
"Of course! "...I declared
"Yo..".... I then said.realizing his ploy..." I don't like like dat question.....!
He laughed... I just wanted to see where your civil rights ended.."
He laughed again "you sell out.. you'd be all up in dem fields.."

"Hey you!!..get lost"

Okay .. my 2014 musical showcase.
It's an almost impossible task, and I'm sure I've left a few off sadly, but it is these particular tunes that if asked for my musical highlights in 2014, I will readily present you with
As Wizkid sings.. "I can't explain".. but there is something in each that carried me through this year.

Many thanks to all singers, musicians, producers, engineers, video directors , promoters, radio personnel and bloggers, for making and sharing such great music.
Sure I could have continued the list , in reality it has no end...
But for those of you not featured this year, I apologise...

Some songs came out prior to 2014, but it doesn't matter here at BIM,,, this year, they held a special place in my heart
May you all continue to stay blessed and highly favoured
We love you
All the best for 2015

and thanks again x

It hurts to stop......


  1. I'm just wondering who that cute girl is in the video to 123 I love You. :D

  2. She is extremely cute :).. well spotted Joe