Thursday 18 December 2014

Sweet Jamaica All Star Remix - and requesting a rematch from my Big bro... not!!

Finally back home afterr a very long day.
Took a trip to see mum, and one bro took the same trip too, so we had a laugh.. and I'm now looking forward to us being together over the holidays.
My eldest brother will probably be the Grinch again this year and stay home, but I'll try and persuade him to come to mums with us.
What I'll do is I'll remind him of the year we argued all the way through the Magnificent 7 on Christmas Day!... and let me tell you something..... I love that film.
Neither him or I heard a word Yul Brinner & Co had to say that day. Ask me what we were arguing about?
I can't remember!. Which means it was pointless.
Nobody saw the magnificent 7 that year at mums lol! ( Yep.. I'm sure that memory will entice him to come along ... heehee)

Anyway. My colleague drew my attention to what for me possibly the best reggae video I have seen all year.
I was sooo excited. I don't know how I missed it!.
As you probably know, my all time favourite Reggae DJ is U Roy.. but add now the other great artists and I was on Cloud 9. Freddie Mcgregor, Cocoa Tea, Marcia Griffiths.. Christopher Martin.. the list goes on...
It really made my day ( in addition to other things - that make my day everyday :)
Imagine.. simple as that. Some sweet Reggae.. and I was mega productive
Thank you!!!!!

I'm a sunshine kinda girl everytime
Hope you enjoy x

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