Tuesday 9 December 2014

My mid week melodies..Tiwa Savage - My darlin' & Ice Prince ft Sunny Neji - Whiskey

Song begins at 1:57 :)
Cute song from Tiwa
Kinda song one can happily play at a wedding reception. ( I'll add to my playlist) The video's cute too... moving if you get the gist..

I love everything about this track
Life can be unpredictable
Another moving and thoughtful story-line. Musically tight and right. Good job Ice and Sunny ( onto my playlist you go)

".... Story story
We gots to give God glory..
We gots to live life slowly...
YOLO no dey bring life back"
[click for full lyrics]


  1. Hi Dawna! I hope that your week is going well, and that you are warming up. for the record I've never been able to find a cute pair of thermal pjs! Thought provoking pieces on the police/African American situation here and domestic violence. Change has to come out of the police tragedies here! I taught a lot of African Americans during my career, and it always haunted me when I considered their futures, especially the boys. Everything is so stacked against them. And Junie Junebug was right ~ that old man didn't love his wife. It was all about control. I LOVE the second song you posted today! Have a good one!

    1. Hi Fundy
      yes the week's going well so far.. v busy so daydreaming about the pending xmas holidays. African Americans are tend to differ from 'black brits'... even though we face very similar challenges. I'm trying to pin point what those differences are but yes.. that question still bubbles away for me. That old man was pathetic. I agree with you both about that old man, and every time I think of him another word of annoyance pops into my mind.. will I run out?... no time soon
      Glad you love the song too:)
      Have a great week Fundy