Saturday 27 December 2014

Grrrrrr... that's the thing about me.. I'm always angry

Yeah yeah... snigger if you like all those who just said... you got that right girl. It'll make sense soon enough

I owe Argos an apology. Sorry Argos.
Ti is something else. I dragged my sick self to the store for a replacement.. ( of the headphones lol! not Ti!) I checked all was well and came home.

"Here Ti.. it's all there!'
I left him to it..
"Mum!..I thought you checked it.. "..he said.. "the stuff's still missing!'
I came in looked at him.. pulled up the flap and there the contents were....
I then had a thought
I asked..... "Ti... did you check here the 1st time../"

and that folks is the end of that story!

Great tune.. should have been one of my 2014 highlights....fancy a dance?

My temperature was really high last night but I watched ( for the 1st time) Marvel Avengers Assemble
Oh man.. I LOVE the film.. l Love the HULK.. Grrrrrrrr. Boom!

I also forgot Yaba on my 2014 highlights.. how could I...? I've enjoyed his music this year. Something great from South Sudan
Yaba for President?


This is my absolute favoutie clip!
Hulk vs Loki
Ever hear or see how some of these world leaders carry on and really just wanna do this?...... :)

Yeah baby..we need the HULK. in all his GREEN GLORY