Saturday 6 December 2014

R Jay - You're the one

Prepared as I thought I was, it appears the cold has arrived to hurt my little body
Note to self.... get scarf and gloves
Just in case you're unclear... it's very , very , cold outside.

I'm really enjoying the versions on the 7ven riddim
I began a few months back with Christopher Martin.. then Alaine... and I'm now finding these ones equally adorable

I'm pretty chilled this evening
No need... the world will keep turning
I enjoyed my language class today as per usual, and feel I'm making progress, although I need to practice more in the week.
I've been lazy with my Krio, but no stress... it'll come
My sister gave me some good advice this evening, which is to buy my suitcase now, and begin to pack what I need to take for my trip little by little, thus spreading the costs, and easing any burden
Good tip.
Especially as time tends to go by quickly
I'm going to consciously aim to have a very modest Christmas this year.
( Although I did send Ti out to buy a 'real Christmas tree' thinking it would cost about £20.. he came back telling me they cost about £100!!... what?!... get thee to Argos son... or open that cupboard and bring out old faithful :)
I know...I digress
In truth, I want to consider those who have had a really tough time this year.. and continue to.. for no fault of their own.
I think humanity has entered a very interesting phase... I feel almost inspired to take a little read of the book of revelations. I've my night off .
Even warriors rest.. or so I believe.

Modest as I aim to be, I do want to get my nails done, because they need a little help, and I want them to look much nicer than they currently do. Oy... maybe next week

Hope you enjoy the song
Have a lovely evening


  1. I am eating a bowl of beef barley soup right now and it is warming me up. Maybe one day we will be able to send a hot bowl of soup via the Internet but until then I give you my recipe. It is spicy if you like a bit of zing! This will warm you in a jiffy!

  2. Awww, thank you so much Birdie that's so sweet of you!!.
    I'll have to replace the Beef with some kind of chunky fish as I don't eat meat.. other than that.. looking good!
    Soup really is the thing this time of year.. thanks for reminding me.. and the hotter and chunkier the better :)

  3. So sorry it's so very cold where you are, Dawna. Glad that you're chillaxing the right way! It's funny, I've been thinking of Revelations all morning. I've been playing the sound track to Blues Brother 2000 while I've been doing housework. "John the Revelator" is a rollicking old revival number on the CD. Here's a link, but I warn you, your feet will tap!
    Maybe even warm you up!

    What's nice about packing ahead of time is that you can really consider what you need, and start paring down what you take. Less is definitely more!

    We just dragged out our old faithful artificial tree. It's up, but I've got to untwist all the branches and spread all the tips artfully. Why so many years ago did I get a 6-foot tree?

    We're taking it easy on Christmas this year too. It's such a troubled world right now. But do, do get your nails done! It will make you feel great!

    I'm going to check out that beef barley recipe your friend linked above. I REALLY like the song you posted here ~ so smooth and mellow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Stay warm!

  4. Ha! great song Fundy! spot on...:)
    and yes.. my foot did tap..
    It's nice to just chill from time to time
    You do exactly what I do!..untwist and spread those artificial branches.. give them some shape !! try make it look as real as possible:)

    It is a troubled world.
    Getting my nails done can be my treat to me.
    The recipe looks great!
    Glad you liked the song
    you enjoy yours too..