Sunday 14 December 2014

I love my Freetown family..

My new friend decided that today was the day. No more delays...he really wanted me to speak to his family. It's his birthday tomorrow, and they're spending the day together
So, for the 1st time, I spoke to mum dad and all 3 sisters.
They are lovely.
Apparently they've heard alot about me and really wanted to speak to me
I'll admit I was soooooo nervous at the thought, but as soon as they were on the phone all was well.
I told them I plan to visit next year so we can see each other in person
They know London having once lived here.. which is nice
I love when I'm talking to him and I can hear a cock crowing in the background
Country chicken.. which he tells me is very tasty

I hope they have a lovely day
Roll on next year as I can't wait to meet them in person
I'm happy with the way things are going
...and I realize also that this is very different to anything I've encountered before

I took my time today tidying up ( and not cooking) my headache is easing up, and I have sourced a replacement screen even nicer than what we had before
So I've definitely been putting the saddle back on that horse
I've had practice :)


  1. This new friend, is he a boy friend or just a friend?

    I happen to love fresh eggs. There's a lady at work who has hens at home and she sells eggs. I buy a dozen eggs everytime she brings some to work.

  2. i woman i worked with used to do that too on occasion!
    cool huh :)
    I've wanted to have chickens for ages. But no sooner did I think that then the foxes just kept 'visiting' my garden on a daily basis! its as if they could smell my thoughts.
    I stopped thinking it.. and they stopped coming!

    Awww my friend?.. He's more than just a friend - he's a boyfriend Alieux.. boyfriend :) *i'm shy*.

  3. We're getting to know each other Alieux. It's early days, so far so good

  4. Take your time. Know him like the back of your hand before you make any commitments. There's no rush. I want you to be filled with joy.


    1. thank you Janie that's very kind and sweet of you - and yes.. I will do that :)