Friday 26 December 2014

Full Up yet?

Good morning all x
I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas
Great Eastenders Christmas Special... 'wodareyougoin'onabartistraditioninit'
Haven't seen it for some time so I enjoyed the dumdums

Here's a question.. why IS Boxing Day.. called Boxing Day?

In case you're prone to it...I thought I'd share my top tip to stop you gaining too much excess weight over the holidays....

When you feel FULL.....STOP.

Ironically perhaps..a Christmas meal should be, can be, and actually is... quite healthy.
For many it's possibly the one time of year they eat some veg!

Turkey is what is refereed to as 'white meat' and healthy ish ( I don't eat it) Fish.. salads..
The excess I suspect comes from the super ( eye bigger than your belly) large portions. and all the extras.. the alcohol.. sauces.. pork dishes( those who still eat it) .. sweets,, deserts l.. on and on...

Well....they say you are what you eat.....
I guess you are what you think too...

Sorry girls.. feminism is not an excuse to be downright lazy

Afros are cute.. I'll take some Afros please x

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