Saturday 13 December 2014

the Devil is in the detail

Arguments are a horrible business.
Watch out for them!... especially over the holidays

I can't believe I had an argument this evening which began over 1 thing then quickly escalated into a major lets rake up some dirt session.
I can't quite believe I argued at all.. this came out of' nowhere'
I'm still fuming , so probably wont post anything else until I've completely calmed down about it.

My eldest son in his typical careless fashion just banged something against the TV screen. ... cracked it.. and now It's broken , no picture at all.
Did I mention the holiday season is pending?.
I'm fuming .
I do not have a grand to spare.
I'm also fuming because it was a gift, and possibly the best thing to have come out of one situation that I wont discuss here, but suffice to say it' was a gift that was well meaning at the time ( there was a story behind it) and it was appreciated.
So.. in response to me being upset my eldest decides that his best move .. the smartest approach would be to become angrier than I...hostile.. and knock over the Snowman. Then to complain that he now has to work two weeks and spend all his wages to buy back the TV.
( did I mention he has 2 children and the holidays are pending?)
You know what I say... I say YES... he should eat beans , work his arse off and take every last penny he has to replace what he has broken.
Did I mention I was upset?

In truth, even if he buys another, he will never be able to replace the memory that was attached to that particular screen.

I'm angry with him because I often find that he can be careless with things that are not his own.
This could have been avoided if he wasn't doing what he was doing in a half arsed , can't really be bothered lazy way.
I was never half arsed about raising him. When I was tired I still took care of him to the best of my ability so what gives...?!
I tell you what gives...he didn't pay for it, doesn't care for it.. and doesn't live with it..
So doesn't give a damn
I told him to pack up his things and go.
said I don't want to be around him right now just like I didn't want to be around his father. Told him that's where he got his nasty stinking streak from.. and on and on it went....
He's 28 - he can handle it.
Did I mention that arguments are horrible business?
It wasn't one sided...
..he said something to me that I don't think I can ever forgive him for.

So there you have it
If it's not replaced in two weeks I'll disown him.
He just ignited my temper and that's one thing he should know never to do
He could have said sorry
A simple 'sorry mum'... and been humble about it.
I worked my arse of for him over the years. Don't EVER think it's okay to take the piss.
I'm off to bed.


  1. Oh! First, I absolutely detest when I am mad at someone and they turn it around and get mad at me! I always end up yelling, "Don't you dare turn this around and make it about you. *I* am the one angry right now!"

    I don't know what it is with kids today. I too raised my kids to work and be responsible. They are a little responsible but nowhere where they should be.

    But...don't disown your son over a TV. Maybe over the horrible comment (?) but not over a TV. That is the kind of think you regret on your death bed.

  2. No, I wont disown him over a TV.
    But it was never really about the Tv. i didnt appreciate the attitude.
    for starters, don't mess with me and then expect me NOT to be upset about it. he should know that if nothing else.
    from my experience people know when they've f'd up
    they then try to switch it.
    he broke it because of his attitude.
    This is when I go quiet. when i talk and someone cant hear.. i talk no more. in fact.. don't even f'in look at me.

  3. I totally get this. It is the straw that broke the camel's back, right?

  4. Yes. I'm finding that there is a limit to my tolerance these days. Understandably so from my point of view.

  5. I'm sorry. I hate arguments and unhappy relationships. They make me very anxious. I also find that Favorite Young Man does not respect my belongings and my work.


  6. they do make you feel anxious..