Wednesday 3 December 2014

Jah Vinci & Fantan Mojah


  1. Hi Dawna! I've been catching up on all my favorite blogs ~ got behind over Thanksgiving. You always post such interesting and challenging things. The quote about Americans not experiencing their unfreedom is going to stick with me a long time. I know our media is manipulated; I just have to listen to what my families and friends say around the world. Spain or Uganda? I'd love to see Africa ~ all parts of it; but I went to Spain when I was 22. My entire life turned in a moment. I went on a blind date with a Vietnam vet (paralyzed in an accident as he was shipping out) in Madrid and ended up marrying him and living in Californai. Blew everyone's mind, including mine. Totally shot my life off in an utterly different direction. I loved your Black Friday post! Terry and I were up in the snowy mountains having fun with our family. I refuse to participate in shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Families should be able to turn from the God Commercialism and enjoy each other. This makes me crazy every year. You posed an interesting question regarding Tony Blair. I don't know the answer because I am not familiar enough with British politics, and I like Tony Blair so it's hard to think he would be so cynical and self-serving ~ that said, nothing surprises me, so I wouldn't be surprised to learn he had personal motives for getting involved in the war. OMG - Bush 2!!!!! Oh oh! Gotta go ~ just got a call than an appointment has been moved an hour earlier. This is my life!!!!! Chaos! I loved the music on today's post. Take care! I hope that you are looking forward to a lovely, restful weekend!

  2. Wow!!.. Fundy that was some story!! lol!
    that sure was an interesting Spanish trip :)
    Okay.. Spain just got interesting again.. come on Uganda .. up the anti .. heehee .
    I like Blair too.. but something's not right there Fundy. Don't take my word for it, but when these guys continue to amass huge wealth whilst the country and the people suffer in poverty there's an imbalance and an abuse of something.. somewhere. At the very least there needs to be a fairer distribution of wealth and opportunities
    Glad you enjoyed thanksgiving.. and very happy you didn't get involved in that Black Friday stuff but chose to enjoy your family instead..
    Have a great evening .. and lovely weekend ! :)