Saturday 27 December 2014

For you.. It's Usher - ft. Nicki Minaj - She Came To Give It To You - New Flame Ft Chris Brown & Rick Ross

My new friend really likes Usher.. he's his favourite RnB artist.
and I just so happen to quite like this track..

and this..

I check the news each day hoping to hear a breakthrough has been made with Ebola. Last night I read it could be another 6 months!. I pray it's half of that!
Could you imagine that happening in the UK?
The other day at the doctors I really took a good look at the equipment... at the hand sanitizers.. washes.. everything... and I thought, one of the amazing things about being in power is you are able to travel, learn .. see different ways of doing things..and most importantly - make changes etc to your own countries.
At present thier radio public service announcements are excellent.. very clear ( the little I heard)

I try not to get political when I talk about Ebola, because the most important thing for the people right now is getting rid. It's hard not to get political. but it's best right now to stay positive., and deal with the immediate issue.
But....if this has not been a wake up call .. I don't know what will be.
When it's all sorted.. I may argue again that Sierra Leone's greatest problem was not Ebola but neo-colonialsm
There are other issues sure.. but I'll start with that.. and work my way through

Maybe someone will listen someday

I had a dream that I had to address a large group of Sierra Leonian's about these issues and they best way to move the country forward. Somebody asked.. 'what right have I got to say these things'.. I said 'look at me good.. then ask yourself If you would have asked me that if I looked any different'

In answer to your question.. I have every right....

Let's enjoy some Usher x


I came across this article by Ibrahim Tarawallie for the Concord Times

Here's an excerpt...

'The IMF is demanding that Sierra Leone repay the sum of US$2.7 million this week, a further US$1.8 million on Christmas Eve and US$1 million on 29 December this year.
Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone owe a whopping US$464 million to the IMF, out of a total debt of US$3.6 billion.
In 2015, the debt payments of the three countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak are expected to be US$130 million, including US$21 million to the IMF.
According to the National Coordinator of BAN, Abu Bakarr Kamara, the country needs over US$400 million in the coming years to provide adequate health services, and that the debt payments could be used to provide these services.'
[click for more]

Click to sign petition to request the IMF and World Bank cancel the debts to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. [Info]

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