Saturday 13 December 2014

My song of the day - Flavour - Special One

Not sure how I missed this track but now I've found it.. it joins the platform with Wiser ...
Very nice

Just before the track, I have a few words on my thought of the day - Inspired by the song, it's that often controversial topic of marriage.

Over the past few years, I've listened to various opinions on Marriage.

Here's a tip for those of you .. who like me.. .are not yet married
If you're female.. do NOT ask a married man for his opinion unless he is beside himself happy with his wife/partner
It will undoubtedly be skewed with bitterness, regret, and repressed anger. :)
Unless you're intending to slit your wrist in despair so to speak... save yourself....

Growing up, I took it for granted, .. as a given. Not complicated - easy.
My parents were happy.. were's the work?

By the rebellious ages of around 15 - 20 it was little more than a piece of paper to me with little meaning, other than system control... what was important I decided.. was the content and quality of the relationship. You can live a happily married life ( I decreed) ) without being married.
..and it's true.. you can ..( so put your arrows down all you common law folk i mean you no ill will)

I tried it. .. lasted a few years.. then I realized that I would NEVER want to marry those particular men.
.. and once you know that.. (Ironically) it's over.
So.. after a couple of failed relationships, the passing of time, and with more experience under my belt ( errrm keep it clean no pun intended) I have since done a complete U turn.
Don't get me wrong.. the content and quality of the relationship remains crucial... but I take the concept of marriage very seriously indeed.

My idea of marriage is that it is the highest expression of love which one can give to another.. not wholly exclusively so..but as an act of love, it's important.
..mess with it at your peril.
If a man or woman fails to respect his or her marriage, or loses the will desire or capability to honour the commitment made - it's no longer a marriage.
Not all marriages work out...It happens..people drift, fall out of love, fight , argue whatever.... but call a spade a spade. It remains a relationship possibly, depending on your circumstances.. but it's unfair to the happily married to call it ( life in that state) a marriage.
In addition...
I don't think it's right to mess with or seek to destroy another persons marriage ether. unless 'you' would be okay with someone messing with, or seeking to destroy, your own
Sometimes you may fall unwittingly into situations. but it's probably best to fall out of it as quickly as possible

It is true that the meaning of marriage differs across the world, and various tribes and cultures will decide on what it means to them and that's fine.
I speak from my world view.
and personally speaking.... I wont be taking on, or sharing any man's name unless they really are
for me.. that special one

It's the essence of what makes Flavour's song so wonderful..
What's that you say?.. spoken like a true unmarried woman... romanticizing everything.?......Cha..bite me :)
Happy Saturday all x


One more thing...
.What helps..I believe, is finding someone who shares your vision...
a bird and a fish can fall in love.. but where would they live?
...*Please bear in mind that my thoughts are subject to change.. but today.. this is how I feel about it*

Yipeee let love reign.....

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