Saturday 20 December 2014

Weekend WOW Factor ( Part 1) My Afro House 2014 selection - Spotlight South Africa

Some of the tracks date back further than 2014, but good music is good music. When it hits you it hits you.. it's ageless.
Now there is definitely a South African focus to this list.
In 2014 the South African Justice System shocked the heck out of me.. with...lets just say some questionable outcomes to some high profile cases. As a result S.A scores very low on the scale of justice for me... but musically.. musically... S.A is on point.
and Thank god for that!
I think the saying is...'Money talk.. and bullshit walk..'

Personally speaking...This has been an amazing year for me.
I'm very grateful.. I thank god and my guardian angels, them that dwelleth by my side

It has been a year that I'll remember always.
I wanted to offer a musical rundown of sorts but I've decided simply to offer my own 'hot in 2014' ( in 2 parts)
Every song I post captivates me for some reason, so even selecting a few highlights is hard. but here we go..

This year I discovered a love for South African house music - no question. There is another name for the style of music I'm referring to, and it's not in anyway limited to South Africa, but I can't remember the term. Anyway, my feelings took me by surprise because I don't usually go for House. But I realize its mainly UK house and I also know why. and its' all about the beat, drums, musicality and mix.
South African House ( for me) has soul. the kind of which I'm yet to discover here. ( although my eldest can produce some pretty good tracks.. he just wont let the world here them..)
If I fall for UK house in 2015.. I will definitely let you know

In the summer of love, almost every guy I met came from some part of the continent. ( I blame my course) North South East West & Central
So it was also the year of the African Prince

But for me ... without doubt, this year , was also the year to fall in love...

Here's my rundown

This was my MA dissertation song.... I was under pressure , and this song helped me

This man is so cute and I can watch him dance all day... No, I can never leave out Mafikizolo
as for you May D!!!! Mwah.... the girl's very pretty too and I love her outfits!!

Stand up children...It's your time to shine .. :)

This track also reminds me of trips to the library.. being at home with nothing in front of me but my books an articles.. as the sun shone brightly outside
I was able to enjoy the sun.. taking breaks and walks. This song reminds me of those days

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