Thursday 4 December 2014

Ebola - We don tire - Salone Xclusive!

Hope you've all had a nice day.. promised... here is an upcoming track from Sierra Leone, ' Ebola.. we don tire'

Produced by the TalaSaid Foundation and set for general release, this track features some of the hottest artists in Sierra Leone right now.
M2, Melody, Troy d Boy, Itribe, Drizzy, & Vicky Dave.
This song is a melodic and heartfelt narrative of life in Salone whilst living under a state of emergency.
Sending a message of hope, and a plea to the people to follow advice, this song is sure to offer comfort to the people, as they learn how best to stay safe.
Hope you enjoy


  1. Good one, Dawna! It's hard to imagine how people manage when dealing with such a scourge. Just a hint of ebola in the USA sent some people into a complete and irrational state of mind. It was surreal how everything played out. I'll bet ebola has vanished from many Americans' minds now.

    I always feel an odd connection with Sierra Leone because about 1,200 Black Loyalists from Nova Scotia resettled in Sierra Leone in 1792. I read a good book about it, Lawrence Hill's "Book of Negroes." I should reread it and do a post on it. By the way, the black Loyalists didn't leave Nova Scotia because everything was peachy-keen there and they wanted adventure in Africa. The Black Loyalists left Nova Scotia because of the harsh winters in Birchtown and the equally harsh discrimination they faced. Not a proud moment in Nova Scotian history, but I still feel an odd connection. Have a good one, Dawna!

  2. It's a horrible situation . I feel it for them. I want Ebola gone fast. I pray for a new year free of Ebola across theses regions. Enough is enough.
    how much more can the people take
    As the song said 'we don tire'...

    That book sounds interesting.. I'd love to read your post about it if you do re-read. Perhaps one day you will visit Sierra Leone Fundy. I also feel that connection you speak of.. It is my aim to go there.. soon as