Friday 26 December 2014

Christmas messages.. In case you missed it, this was the Queens Speech.. a message from the Obama's.. and the 'King'

The Queen always reminds me of an old Caribbean lady. I think it's the style of dress.
Don't believe me?.. go take a walk down Ridley market (local treasure which I hear developers plan to get rid of) or.. check out a local church!
She looks well anyway, but then, i'm told she will be in receipt of the absolute best of care.
'She is the Queen Dawna'.. i'm told.
This was the Queens message to us....

One of the Presidents smartest decisions was possibly to marry Michelle. I can't say much about his impact in Office other than to keep the machine going full throttle.
But perhaps I'm just ignorant of it
I honestly believe many so called 'African Americans' voted for him because they trusted him, thought he would be 'different'. that he would understand.. he would have soul..
I wonder what they think now
Not sure what I think.. other than .. business as usual.. and .. nice wife.

Ever wonder of the tipping point as to when Elvis became such a funny caricature?
Fans must get upset at times.
Anyway.... Business is good for him!
...What does he say at the beginning.. lol :)


  1. Happy Christmas, Your Majesty. When we lived in the Pacific Northwest and received Canadian television, I watched the Queen's message. She showed footage of Prince Harry's christening. Prince William was adorable. I'm quite fond of the Obama. I'm grateful for my health insurance. I am no longer afraid that a hospitalization will ruin me financially.


  2. I have a feeling you may know more about the Queen than doI. Everyone should have access to free health care. It's almost unbelievable that some people think that if you cant pay.. you shouldn't be treated!
    I'm glad that you no longer have to worry that a trip to hospital could ruin your pocket. Our NHS is great. Its probably something we take for granted here in that... anything else horrifies us.