Wednesday 10 December 2014

Little Man

I don't often blog about my little man but today I will.
I went to see him in his nativity

he was a donkey.
.. and everyone knows.. you can't have a nativity play.. without a Donkey
I cant show any pictures as parents weren't allowed to take any
They explained why.. and I understand.
I went along as mum and dad couldn't make it.
I scanned the room until sure enough.. there he was.. in what looked like a Donkey Onesy.. Tail, Ears an all
I gave him a wave .. he was so happy to see me ( That alone was enough for me)
his big line was... are you ready?..... "A beautiful baby, is wonderfully born!"
..and the little man was loud and clear

There's something about watching children perform nativity plays that really gets me...
the school staff were amazing getting it all together - and all the children had a part, even the youngest

Don't tell anyone, but I became a bit tearful watching them, and the songs were .. oh gosh.. they were really amazing
proper proper well constructed lovely songs
I remember as I sat there thinking.. look at the beauty and innocence of these children
I wonder what life has in store for them
What world have we created for them
I pray they be okay
It was really moving
They sang as we made our way out - after saying a prayer
Best nativity play ever!

Better than Broadway :)
You did GOOD little man...proud of you:)

.. and with that here's a song...
Has to be Tamar Braxton

Night night x


  1. What a beautiful child! He has such a sweet and pure face, and you can see his soul shining through! It takes a lot of courage for a child to speak up in a strong voice in front of an audience. Your being there helped him, I'm sure! I can just see him in his donkey onesy, ears and tail!

    I used to love doing plays with my kiddos. Unfortunately at Christmas time we couldn't have anything associated with Christmas in our school. I understood the whole multi-religious thing, but it was still hard. But we came up with some dynamite shows with speaking, singing, and dancing for each child based on dinosaurs, time machines, and fish!

    Lovely version of "Silent Night." Have a good one, Dawna!

  2. Awww thank you..
    it was really something

    I can imagine it's difficult to come up with something to suit all faiths - but it certainly sounds like you all made up for it with bundles of creativity!!.
    I felt respect for the teachers ( brings out the best in them too I reckon)
    On another note.. I was on the top deck of a bus the other day.. the children were noisy.. they had a parents chaperone. The teacher came upstairs, and just stood there, then said really quietly year ... there is too much noise up here. Then said nothing else. Within seconds you could here a pin drop!
    Then she said something that made me laugh. she said. you can talk in your partner voice.. if not you will have to travel in silence
    That was funny. Partner voice heehee. I love children :)

  3. What a cute boy he is too, and how smart he looks. There is something very emotional about seeing our loved ones in their school plays. I often feel so proud but also like to send a message to both their birth mothers saying "They turned out okay, you'd be proud too."

    1. He's a good boy. All the children were lovely.. and you're right.. I bet they would be if they could see

  4. I am with Fundy Blue. He is a beautiful soul. He looks so wide open.

    1. I suspect we all do as children.. I remember thinking that.. where do we go wrong sometimes..
      Children are beautiful.. thanks :)

  5. We had "inside" and "recess" voices! If I were still teaching, I'd snap "partner voice" tomorrow morning! Great teacher story! She obviously had clear expectations and consistent follow-through! Children are the best ~ such amazing human beings with a lot to say if you listen. Have a good one!

    1. Bet you were a great teacher :)
      Wonder if it's too late to use that on Ti when he talking too loud. He's 21!
      i'll try... "for crying out loud..inside voice please!" heehee
      back in the day at home I used to say... "fingers on lips!" where that came from god only knows...
      It worked though! ( while they were small)

  6. He is one cute kid! And the donkey played a central role in the nativity story -- without the donkey, how would Mary have gotten to Bethlehem? Precisely! It all hinged on the donkey.

    1. Yay to the Donkey!
      ..thank you.. I forgot to mention how funny they were too.
      When the nursery children came out to sing.. one little girl just carried them all vocally.. it was sooo funny
      I was a shyest child ever at that age..
      too cute!

  7. so sweet! i think donkeys are the breakout stars in most cases :)

    1. haahaa.. the breakout stars!!- I like that one :)
      ..thanks CSW

  8. You little man is adorable! I bet he did an awesome job. You're probably really proud of him. I love kids doing Nativity stories, too. So sweet!

    1. i'm definitely proud of him..
      Nice way to begin the wind down for the year.. :)
      Moments to enjoy huh