Wednesday 31 December 2014

It's Official - This week... I turned 4 years old!

Well the tree is down, the decorations have been put away, and the year.. is almost over.
..and what a year its been

This week, my Blog turned four years old.
What's odd is.. I feel like I've been blogging 'forever'. Only 4yrs huh?.. still a 'babe in print'

The 28th December to be exact...which is also the date of my parents wedding anniversary
This year.. shamefully, I forgot both.
As we enter into 2015.. I will be in my 5th year as a blogger.
I had no idea I had so much to say, or that writing these posts would become such as important ( and enjoyable ) aspect of my life.
But seems I have.. and it is.
Blogger... the home of the frustrated writer and narcissist?.. No of course not.
and hey!!!...I'll hear none of your cheek..I'm not frustrated!.. :)
On a serious note.. I've come across and met some wonderful, funny, insightful, interesting and talented bloggers ( you) and I'm grateful to each of you

I miss my dad a bit. I think he died too young.
I know.. that's a bit of a random statement, and who am I to say
Perhaps I miss him more now.. because, I'm getting married.
that's right folks.. I'm engaged!
and that... is my little secret and joy going into 2015.

Nobody on my side knows, as I'm yet to tell them.
Fortunately they don't read my blog ( rarely anyway)
But I've been pinching myself , we're in love and very happy.
..suffering with the flu..( no I'm not delirious you cheeky things :) but happy nonetheless.
..and that's all I'll say for now

So here I am...wishing you all ( come the hour the minute the second) a Happy New Year!

I nearly let the year go by without featuring this song
never.. never.. never..:) Blog has a message for you all..
'This woman.. seriously..she never shuts up.. each day tapping away at the keys about something or another.. hey lady.. give it a rest!.. but seriously.. thank you for checking me out.. thank you for putting up with her, and reading all she has to say, for your comments...for everything.. see you all in 2015. ..all being well :) "
Love u lots

...Happy Birthday me. x

and Goodbye 2014


  1. Congrats on the engagement! Happy new year to you and yours. Also one blog year is like dog years you know?!

  2. Dog years! now that makes sense :)
    ..and thank you so much CSW!
    Happy new year to you!...

  3. happy birthday to your blog and congratulations to you on your engagement!

  4. Oh, Dawna Lee! This post is just so ... full. I was going to congratulate you on blogging and then say we never stop missing our parents and then you threw in that you are getting married. Life is indeed full.
    Sending love and hoping you feel better soon.

  5. life is full. thank you Birdie. I've officially lost my voice now!, my throat is sore so sending a quiet new year smile :)