Tuesday 16 December 2014

Upstairs downstairs

I tell you something funny..
Ti's upstairs and i'm downstairs, and we both clicked on a Bob Marley song at the same time.. this was his track. Mine was Sellasie is the Chapel.

I noticed since yesterday that Ti wasn't his usual chirpy chatty self, so today he was able to explain what's up.

Friends letting down etc, basically not being true
One friend who he's been helping out with the odd bit of cash here and there until his student loan comes through , it turns out actually dropped out of Uni months ago!
I gave him a talk. With the aim that he should feel much better and much more positive afterwards.
Basically.. it happens.

Fortunately, I was able to share a few stories of my own .. stories that lord knows I never though would ever serve any positive purpose at all.
Well.. seems they have.
They helped me to understand and reassure Ti

Can't have Ti feeling down before the holidays now can I... nope.
Hard as it may be...let them go.. make room in your life for the good you deserve. If they return and you're happy with that.. okay.

When he came downstairs I laughed.. Hmmm..yuh a play Bob Marley now huh... yuh run back to da Ratsaman .. you want some Inspiration?.. the real roots?... :)
He laughed... "..says the woman playing Afrobeats!..."
Nah .. I said.. "I'm on the Bob right now too.."
Solidarity my son
I'll go back to my Afrobeats in a mo
he seems in a much better mood now
.. and will be back on the Rap in no time :)
Yep.. normal play has resumed..


  1. That was touching Dawna. Hope he has happy holidays. With you around I am sure he will.

    1. Thanks Rory!.. hope so
      he's cheered up loads since so I'm liking his 'bouncebackability'
      he cheers me up often enough :)