Friday 12 December 2014

Wiser - Flavour ft Phyno, M.I - & featuring tracks from his hit album 'Thankful'

I'm still with Flavour this ........

FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.... and Awww it just feels so good

I'm feeling very thankful, for many things..and with 'Thankful' being the title of Flavour's latest album ( released in November) .. how could I not showcase it by featuring what for me is an outstanding album. ( which reportedly sold over a million copies in just 5 days!)



Another sweet song Flavour.. nice combo - pretty cool

Ooo.. I'm loving this tune too much. The Caribbean in me feels a strong calypso vibe.... "Orinando..."
.."her backside.. is on fire!"..

Highlife?/Calypso? - one people - one music..

Cool beat - melody and harmonies ...beautiful
"I gotta be a little wiser yeah... i gotta be a little sharper yeah...".
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.. The subtlety of the track gets under my skin. may just be my favourite track off the album.. Yes - and that's not an easy statement to make..

Flavour can sing these songs in his sleep... pure vibes

I think I'll be playing this album for some time to come.
any gathering I have.. this tune must play

"Everyday dem dey wonder.. dey say I be craze because of say I be Rasta..." ( what does the guy say in the background I'd love to know)
" but I give god de glory him mek me musician so tell dem call me magician..."

I'm slightly addicted to the beat of this track
Brass reminiscent of Fela


This could be my anthem.. however.. I'm much better now :)

...and there you have excellent album by Flavour.
I've just featured the tracks that I love the most, but feel free to check it out and decide for yourself

..."Flavour.. in addition to being quite fit.. you've produced a stunning album.. one that I will play for many years.."

and on this... my Friday night.. I promise to pick up the phone

Tala - love the house x


Funny story..
Someone said to me.. 'You should be a doctor..
"True " I said.." tis my intention..!

"Yeah" they said.. "Doctor of Sass.."


  1. Arguh , , i enjoyed this music so much i went immediately to order it online . . i am in the U.S. - it did not come up for me . . BUT, there is a GREAT store in University City . . I bet they know how to obtain a copy for me . . . Thanks Again! Happy Friday!

    1. Great great great.. yippee!!..
      I'm so glad you enjoyed Maggid :))

  2. I'm loving that it is Friday too, Dawna! I've enjoyed the various selections from the Flavour album; my favorite was the second. He has very compelling eyes! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ooo glad you enjoyed too :)
    he does have compelling eyes as you say...
    not bad in the torso and arms either section either ..heehee
    have a lovely weekend Fundy!
    I'm gonna try get this tree up today.. Oy
    anyway i'm up up up.. and the hoover needs my attention :)