Sunday 24 May 2020

Weekend Tings

Did you watch the Breakfast Club Interview with Joe Biden?

Well... tuns out he's quite a talkative fella - who knew
I used to enjoy the Biden Obama memes, but that's another story
Joe Biden said to Charlemagne tha God that if he's still working out whether to vote for him or Trump he aint black...

He has since apologised - but I'm still trying to work out what he meant
Seriously - how so?

Is it the presumption that African Americans vote Democrat - much in the way it's sometimes assumed that Black people in the UK will vote Labour?
Trump, Bump, Biden Spy-dem or Obama
African Americans remain disproportionately worse off in America than any other group of people
Even without Police brutality

When did Joe Biden become the MLK for African Americans he seems to think he may be?! - perhaps the same time a 'software designer' became a doctor?
This lockdown got some of us in a tail spin


My tree is to be pruned
I have actually become quite attached to this tree, but only learnt it's a Maple from the tree surgeon, who also pointed out a baby cherry tree and so much more which has been kindly dropped into my soil by birds.

Every morning when I wake - this tree is the 1st thing I see ( when I look out)
So whilst I want it pruned - I don't want it harmed.
Overall, Its been a musical - gardening - learning kinda weekend. I planted out a new bed of Shallots and onions - bit late, but hopefully should be okay


I'm now in study/chill out mode so...

Produced By Bobby

Good evening x

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