Sunday 3 May 2020

Weekend WOW Factor : 'The Good Immigrant ' ft music by Tekno - Sudden

There is a video doing the rounds entitled ' You clap for me now'
Inspired by this video is an article I read recently in the 'Independent' entitled..
'You clap for me now, but in a few months it will be racism as usual'

This article is written by Kuba Stand-Baptiste, with regards to our recent expressions of thanks for health care workers, and carers alike.

The article grieves me.

Racism has always been the elephant in the room
Which may actually be an unfair analogy as elephants are absolutely stunningly beautiful creatures, where as racism, is not.

The book and Sunday Tines bestseller entitled, Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race' adequaltey sums up the feeling many visibly Black African heritage people feel, as to constantly feeling under attack, marginalised, silenced, or ridiculed, which is damaging to ones physical and mental health.

During this pandemic, many have felt a loss of their personal freedoms with lockdown imposed across the country and indeed across the world
For others, who have experienced what it is like to live as an ethnic minority, it's a familiar feeling.
What the article doesn't highlight however, is that not all 'minorities' are created equal.

When we speak of ethnic minority groups , it would be disingenuous to suggest that an individual of Polish , Lithuanian, Chinese, or Turkish decsent (for example) will have experienced racism to the levels that those of an African heritage.
In fact it would be fair to say that even so called minorities of European or even Asian descent, have expressed knowingly or unknowingly, alarming racism to those of a darker hue.

If I refer momentarily to the England football team for example, some of the worst demonstrations of a racist nature have happened when playing European teams
Is it correct therefore, to place these groups together, when dealing with issues of racism that African heritage minority ethnic groups face?

Regardless, the entire thing pains me, that after years of my own parents generation being the 'good immigrant'
It seems that very little has changed.

The relationship that many 'immigrants ( or those viewed as immigrants) have with the society in which they live, can be defined as a some-what narcissistic one
You give your more to receive your less
Anyone who has experienced life with a narcissist, will know how damaging that can be.

Good morning x

The Good Immigrant : A Review

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