Friday 30 September 2016

The destruction of culture. Ft Kiss Daniel - Alone

So the destruction of culture is now a war crime? or is it just the destruction of inanimate cultural artifacts?

But when is war... not a crime against humanity?

Around the world people are crying out for the preservation of their culture in one way or another
The cries (directly or indirectly) include..
'You cannot ban FGM!'
'I want to retain my right to beat my wife! or stone those suspected of infidelity!'
'I eat what I want!'
'I wear what I want!'
'We don't want them in our country!'
'I want to preserve my right to appropriate any other culture'..
..or find ways to destroy another's culture simply by rendering it inferior..shhh'

Am I being unfair... perhaps.. perhaps not..

But considering the damage that has been done over the years regarding African culture/s; historically, psychologically, the rewriting of texts, the removal of precious stones, the removal of people, things we know... and the things we know not..
Why now?
Why was this act considered a war crime... out of all the war crimes that have been carried out..
Why this guy?

Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi at the ICC

It is true that cultures evolve.They live and are sustained through us.. our actions, our memory, our interactions, our way of life, but... for an African to destroy our African heritage sites... is a little like slapping one's own face
Yes, perhaps that was a crime of slapping one's own face
As I can think of far worse war crimes..

[Click - ICC ruling for Timbuktu destruction 'should be deterrent for others']

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  1. The ICC go in to investigate war crimes and all they come up with is crimes against antiquities. seriously

    1. Hope you're enjoying Amsterdam? I was gonna say something about crimes against style ( as a joke of course as I'm probably stereotyping.. heehee).. but I bet it's pretty nice there now:)