Sunday 15 October 2017

Liberia Matters

Ex footballer George Weah looks set to become the next president of Liberia
His running mate, is Charles Taylor's ex-wife [click]

Who has claimed often she knew nothing of her husbands use of child soldiers.

( well.. anything s possible)
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the 1st elected female Head of State, and outgoing President of Liberia certainly had her hands full.

Taking the reigns of an embittered war torn country, dealing (or not dealing) with corruption, accused of nepotism, admired by women, presiding over the disaster and tragedy of Ebola which killed thousands of Liberians and exposed glaring deficiencies in the countries infrastructure and heath system out

What Liberia will look like under a man is anyone's guess.
I fear corruption will increase, and the threat of instability will be ever present as the male egos take centre stage.

It's too bad that there was no other female, to have taken up the mantel after Ellen. In fact maybe that would have been her greatest legacy, to have empowered and prepared another woman to take things forward.

For some reason, this election feels like a backward step.

With reports of Charles Taylor influencing the decision making from his UK cell, the end result is anyone's guess.
But it's important.

How Liberians vote, and how well the newly elected President does, can be crucial to the on going stability of the region

Perhaps that is Johnson Sirleaf's greatest legacy.
Liberia, has been stable.

On a side note... I love the Liberian accent
that's some real African American thing right there

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