Saturday 28 October 2017

Weekend WOW Factor: Statues and Liberties. Ft music by Mafikizolo ft Yemi Alade – O Fana Nawe

What is President Jacob Zuma doing to end the xenophobic attacks against Nigerian's in South Africa? [click]

Not enough.. if anything at all
What is President Buhari doing to protect his people?
Answer.. not enough.. if anything at all why has a large statue of president Zuma been erected in Nigeria's Imo State?

he has even been honoured with a road being named after him..

An insensitive act, or honour among thieves...
Can you imagine....
What confusion.
Our leaders have a very different idea of what it means to truly lead their people, to protect, and to serve.
There is an astronomical amount of riches circulating among Presidents and senators, governors et al.. whilst the 'people' .. are expected to be proud and loyal flag waving citizens, even though in many cases their basic needs, . needs (which should be provided by the state) go unmet

Yes whist it will always be debated what the state should or should be responsible for, the reality is that these are , supposedly democratic socialist countries
In truth, like many countries they operate a mixed economy system, but capitalism remains the preferred choice of our leaders.
Many have rebranded capitalism as straight up corruption..
Yes, corruption operates as an economic system

The system is maintained by an overzealous rule of law, or in some cases simply rule of law

Anyway, I digress..
Given South Africa's' history you would think they would know better...
..clearly, many do not
What an utter liberty

As Jacob Zuma continues to sour the reputation of the ANC , and the people of South Africa 'forget' their struggle for freedom from under the wicked state of Apartheid, it remains a very long walk indeed, before the ideas of panafricasim are realised..
Is this the legacy of Mandela?

How long before the people of Imo State tear down that stupid statue of Zuma.. and would they be wrong to do so..?

Buhari is too quiet on these matters, lord knows he hasn't had it easy of late, but I do wonder why he allows some of the things he allows

State Governor Rochas Okorocha

'hmmm .. perhaps the statue was a bad idea..'

'hmm perhaps if I dance they'll keep quiet about it...'

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